Running & Underwear

One thing I have the biggest problem with is finding good clothes to run in. I’ve had many suggestions and tried a few of them and I’ve finally found some amazing gear. First, lets talk about the stuff that didn’t work out so well. One thing I was told about running was NO COTTON. I tried it and now I know why they say no cotton. That stuff just soaks up sweat like it’s nobodies business. If you plan on working out for a prolonged period of time stay the heck away from cotton. Then I was told to try Old Navy’s compression pants. Tried em…hate em. Once I start running they just start sliding right down my rear! Seriously, do you know how annoying it is to pull your pants up every two minutes? Nobody wants to see that. I don’t even want to see my own butt. No thanks. Then I got some pants from Target. They get the job done but I’m not a big fan of how they actually feel on my body. They got a little loose and I like to feel the clothes on me. It might be weird but I don’t care, it’s what I like.

Now, on to what works for me. Finally I took the time to Lululemon after school and check out some of their stuff. Lululemon and I go way back. I absolutely ADORE yoga. It’s my thing. I’m good at it and it makes me feel awesome. With that being said I’ve always loved their yoga pants. I spent a little time online the other day and found out they make a running crop. I got two pairs. I figured I’d test one out and if I like it I’ve got two of them. If I don’t like it I’ll have one pair I’m stuck with and another pair I can return. I went with the  Run: inspire crop II. These things are amazing. I wore them around the house yesterday and then took them for a run this morning. They feel amazing and they hug my legs exactly how I like it. Now, they are pretty pricey, but with my lululemon experience they last for quite some time. I’m all about quality so the price doesn’t bother me. I’m super happy with this purchase.

Another issue I have while running is that my butt totally eats my underwear. It’s like it’s starving or something. Probably TMI but whatever. So, what in the world do runners run in? I have absolutely no idea and I honestly think I’d feel a little strange asking someone that. So, I took it upon myself to experiment on my own. While looking around the store I found an underwear section and some of  these things were like PAPER thin. Pretty cool if you ask me. After staring at them for a while and debating on if I really want to buy these underwear I decided why the heck not. Another thing I contemplated while staring at them was what kind of underwear to get…so I decided to go with a thong. I mean….at least they’re supposed to give you a wedgie. This way it was just a normal wedgie and not a super bunched up ball of fabric wedgie. I went with the Light As Air Thong. Needless to say these were an excellent purchase for me. I didn’t even feel like I had a wedgie. Talk about amazing!

Overall I’m really happy with the running gear I purchased and I’m excited to run in all of it again and again and again. Now I just need to find some nice running tops with good support. That will be my next mission.

Until next time, never stop dreaming!


Tuesday Training

Is it Tuesday? It certainly doesn’t feel like a Tuesday. It feels like a Monday. Talk about a stressful morning. I’ve dealt with everything from dead car batteries to blocked off roads and some other things in between. Lets not do any of that again anytime soon.

On a better note, I got up and went for a run this morning. Which means I ran and walked since I’m not a full blown runner yet. That part of my morning was absolutely wonderful. I downloaded a new app for my phone called RunKeeper and so far I really like it. I was previously using MapMyRun which I also liked really well but I couldn’t create my own intervals on there. With RunKeeper I can actually make my own workouts and it will alert me when to change which I personally think is AWESOME!

So this morning I did 43 minutes of 2 minute run / 1 minute walk intervals with a warm up and a cool down (and an extra 6 minutes because I started warming up and forgot to start the darn thing….opps…). My coach to 25k was having me start 3/1 and I’m not ready for that. This way I can get my body used to this and then go ahead and move on. On the plus side my pace was quicker yet again today which makes me a happy camper. This time I had a 13:16 pace. I just need to keep it up and I’ll be taking pictures with Cinderella in no time!

Run or Dye

This Saturday I got the opportunity to do the Run or Dye 5k out in Tampa. A friend of mine, Stephanie, had signed up with her husband and unfortunately something came up and he could no longer participate. I was extremely excited to get the chance to run this race despite the circumstance. Normally I wouldn’t allow myself to do fun things two weekends in a row but I figured this was okay since I was being active. It’s not like I was going out and riding roller coasters all day instead of working on my capstone project.


Anyways, back to the race. There were a lot more people than I expected. Obviously there weren’t as many people as there were at the Princess Half but there was still a pretty good amount. I think the thing that excited me most about this was the amount of children I saw there. It is so nice to see kids outside and running around for a change. Another cool thing about this race is that while you’re running they throw “powder paint” at you. From my understanding it’s just colored cornstarch. It certainly smelled like cornstarch and I really hope that’s what it was because I witnessed a lot of pregnant ladies doing this 5k.

I got to the race at around 8:30 in the morning and hung out for a bit while I waited for Stephanie and her friends to get there. They did a lot of pretty neat give aways. They had dye packs, t-shirts, hoodie, and a whole bunch of other goodies. I didn’t get anything. I watched from a far while waiting since I didn’t have a bib yet and have absolutely no idea how strict these folks are. Once Stephanie arrived we lined up and got ready for our wave. There were a LOT more walkers at this one and absolutely not running etiquette which I didn’t have any issues with because its not like I was trying to fly through it. Just taking my time and enjoying the nice Saturday weather. I know some serious runners wouldn’t have been very happy campers though. So, while you go through this course they have “dye stations” where they toss the powdered stuff on you. If you ever do this, don’t breathe through your mouth when you go through these areas unless you’ve got some water with you. That powder seriously dries your mouth out. I also recommend wearing some sunglasses…I don’t think many people like dry, red, itchy eye…..(see what I did there?). Anyways. There weren’t very many dye stations and a few of them were out of their colors which was a bummer….

Although missing some of the colors was a bummer, the biggest bummer was that they lied to us. Well…I feel like they lied to us. According to my GPS tracking it was only 2.4 miles. I’ve been cheated out of .6 miles! All in all it was still a neat experience and I am glad I got the chance to do it with a friend. Next time I think I’ll try out The Color Run. Hopefully its the full 3 miles….On the plus side, I finished quicker than I expected. I maintained at 13:40 minute pace! Now I just need to train myself to keep that pace for 11 more miles and I’ll be in good shape for next years princess!


Stephanie and I

Pretty colorful for a Storm Trooper

Pretty colorful for a Storm Trooper

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Keep on believing!

New Kicks

So, I can’t lie to you all. The day after the half marathon my body was pretty sore. By pretty sore I mean I felt like someone ran a half marathon on top of me. Now, I’m sure some of it was because like I said before, I don’t run, but I also think a lot of it was to do with the fact that I, like many, didn’t have proper shoes. My ankles especially hurt for a bit. So, when I made the decision to make running my new “thing” I figured I should go and get some real running shoes.

Monday I was lucky enough to get our of class a little earlier than usual so I went to the Fit2Run near my school. They gave me a neutral pair of shoes and got me up and running on the treadmill for a few minutes while they recorded my running. After they recorded me they played it back and watched it in slow motion. That’s how we found out I overpronate when I run. That sure does explain a lot. It certainly explains why the insides of all my shoes wear out quicker than the rest of them. So, overpronation is basically an excessive inward rolling of the foot after landing. Instead of the foot starting to push off it continues to roll inward. This causes the foot, shins, and knees to twist and can basically cause pain in those areas. Mystery solved! They also explained that I need to run in shoes a half size bigger than my regular shoe size to allow for swelling room.

Once all of that was found out they picked me out a bunch of shoes for people that overpronate. I tried on some asics, new balance, adidas, brooks, and lastly the sauconys. Out of all of them the sauconys felt the best. I tried all of them on and ran a few laps around the tract to get a feel for them. First of all, the running made my stiff body feel so much better, excellent idea. The new balance were the first I tried and they felt good. the adidas and brooks were okay, and then the asics…they were just terrible. I know a lot of people just love asics but they just feel way to heavy for me. The sauconys were my Cinderella moment with running shoes. They are the most comfortable running shoes I have ever had.

I went with the Glide 7. I cannot wait to continue to run in them. Friday I took them for a little spin and I felt great after. I am really happy with my purchase.


I also invested in a running belt. Also super happy with that purchase. Its so convenient. I am super glad that I invested in it! I actually had the opportunity to invest in one of these at the expo for the half but I didn’t think I would like running enough to get one. I was apparently wrong so I found this little gem at Marshalls.


My first day training in my new shoes went pretty well also! I did 3.2 miles with a 14:10 pace which is about 20 seconds quicker than the pace I had during that half. I might not be able to keep that pace for a whole 13 miles yet but I’m happy with this small improvement.

I’m going to keep on setting little goals and I’m going to keep on getting excited when I reach them!

The Disney Princess Half Marathon

My first big race! Like I previously said I did not train for this. I wish I had but unfortunately I got off track. Needless to say I still had the best time ever!

I signed up for the Princess Half back in June of 2013. I signed up as a team with my friend Amanda which made it waaaayyyy more exciting! Although we didn’t run together we still got a some extra swag and a special bib! This year our team name was TuTu Tough which obviously meant we had to run in Tutus. We had such a good time that we are going to sign up as a team next year as well. We already have our team name! I can’t tell you that until after we register though, wouldn’t want someone to snag it!

The weekend of the race was very exciting. It started off with the expo where you pick up your goodies. Since I signed up for the Princess Half I got a woman’s tech shirt with the race on it, my bib, and a little pack of crasins as well as a mini luna bar. I also got a special bib and sash for being in a team like I said previously.

1781212_497326707044280_8450631_oThe Princess Half tech shirt1506460_497326823710935_1159766985_n

Once I got all my goodies I started to get reeeaaaallllyyyy excited. Excited…and nervous. Really really nervous. Before leaving the expo I had my husband snag a quick photo of me with my first bib in front of the Princess Half sign.


The morning of the run was an incredibly early morning. There were about 25000 people running this race. That meant that it was going to be crowded. The later it gets the more people their are. All racers needed to be in their corrals by 5 am. I woke up at 2:15 and was in my car and on my way to the race by 2:30. It was pretty deserted when I got there but I think it was a good thing. I had time to collect myself. The cool thing about runDisney races is that they’re very full of excitement. When I arrived there was a stage set up for a DJ. Once a few more people started arriving he spun some tunes and got us all warmed up. It was a lot of fun!

1911701_497326890377595_672421932_nAnother awesome thing about this race was that I got the chance to meet up with an old friend that I served with while in the Navy. Her name is Andrea and she is a trooper. She recently was very badly injured and just started back up running and she did The Glass Slipper challenge (the half and a 10k the day before) as well as the Royal Family 5K. And she did awesome. I’m so proud of her!


I also met up with my teammate, Amanda, and I got the chance to finally meet some of my Disney Bride friends. I got really lucky and found out a bride friend of mine, Nicola, was going to be in my corral. It was so relieving because both of us were first timers and nether of us trained. We eventually made our way to our corral to get the race started!

Once it was race time they set off fireworks. Talk about AWESOME. The crazy thing is that they set them off for every corral!!!

1780687_497327317044219_1332735595_n 1622793_497327373710880_1424407007_n

All along the way there were characters that you could stop and get photos taken with (I unfortunately didn’t do this, I’m not fast enough for that yet, but one day I will be). There were also DJ’s along the way! There was so much energy that it was really just so incredibly exciting!

The race started in the EPCOT parking lot and went all the way to and through the Magic Kingdom and then back to EPCOT.

1794797_497327640377520_2127425228_n 1782071_497327583710859_521744974_n 1610035_497327507044200_1346441377_n

Around mile 10 Nicola and I met up with another friend, Danielle, and together we helped each other finish the race. All three of us were first timers and I could not have been more proud of us. We may not be the quickest but we sure did have determination and that is really all you need!

This race made me want to become a runner. I may never be fast but I will always be determined.


Team TuTu Tough

1962766_498244190285865_1858187526_nThe medal!

Needless to say, I can wait to run my next runDisney run. I signed up for the Tower of Terror 10 miler for this October. My goal is just just be a little bit faster this time 🙂 I can do it, I know I can!

P.S.- They feed you after you run. Thank goodness!


I Don’t Run

I am not super thin and I am certainly not fit. I am not one of those people that loves to run. I always thought the extent of my running would be running for my life in some sort of way. I never ever thought I would want to become a runner.

A while back a good friend of mine, Amanda, mentioned running the runDisney Princess Half Marathon and asked if I’d like to do it with her. Just to get everyone up to speed, I LOVE Disney. I mean I got married there for crying out loud. That’s how much I love it. So, the only thing I heard was ….Disney…Princess…. Who doesn’t want to be a Disney Princess??? I mean hello! They’re awesome. They have glass slippers, libraries full of books, the ultimate companions, and they can talk to animals! So I said “Hell yea! Lets do it!”….Then I realized what I signed up for. A half marathon. 13.1 miles….with a time limit!

Well….at the time I was engaged and my wedding was approaching so I thought to myself “this marathon training is going to be great for me!” I honest to goodness thought I would train and keep up with it…and get fit…and healthy. Did I train? Nope…. Not even once? Nope…. Did I run the Princess Half Marathon? Damn right I did.

This run was the most fun I’ve ever had running…ever…as long as I’ve been alive. This run made me want to become a runner. So this blog is my journey to becoming a runner. The training, the races, the pain, and the accomplishments.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney